Web Development Portfolio

Vector Authoring I - Animated eCard

For this project, we were required to create an animated eCard for a city. The animation requirements were at least one looping animation and an animation on a curve. There also had to be sound, with a button to turn the sound on and off. The user had to be able to click on something in our card to open another browser window to launch the city's official site. This is what I made.

Vector Authoring I - Zodiac Project

For this project, we were given the code for a zodiac algorithm and were required to create a visual theme for the project, provided we did not use actual zodiac signs. We were also required to make any changes to the ActionScript required to make the project work. We were required to have sounds for each sign. The user had to be able to either cycle through the signs, or enter their birth date and receive their sign. This was what I made.

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